Cathy Cat is continuing to spread loving and wholesome vibes during this challenging time on all her social media. On the Ask Japanese Channel she is talking more in depth about Japanese relationships and life in Japan. This time reporting from safe locations on the Japanese countryside, she hopes to have life return to normal in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

Let's stay safe and healthy this year



2019【出演情報】Japanese Fashion Model

Cathy Cat is now the face of the Japanese Fashion Experience "Harmonie Princess".

People interested in Japanese Lolita Fashion can rent a variety of beautiful dresses at the Metamorphose Temps de Fille Store Osaka. Click the LINK to see more


2019【出演情報】Japan Travel Reporter

In Nagano she visited the famous Snow Monkey Park and in Suzaka city she showed her viewers around traditional guest house KURA and the surrounding area.

In Tochigi she showed the flower park Hanaichimonme and what to do in the Kinugawa Onsen area.


2019【出演情報】Brand Ambassador for Toei Subway Transportation

Cathy had the unique opportunity to show the secret underground tunnels of Tokyo, that normal visitors are forbidden to visit. She reports about it in an exclusive video as "Tokyo Surprise" Ambassador

The video is HERE


2019【出演情報】Business Media Appearance 

三菱電機 BizTimeline にて、紹介されました


Mitsubishi Denki has shared their report with Cathy Cat on their timeline.


2019【出演情報】Guest at Japan Expo Thailand

 Cathy was invited as model and guest at Asia's biggest Japan Culture Convention Japan Expo Thailand. She modeled in the Mugen Style Collection for Fashion designer Kung Kunitar and 3Eyes Takahashi. She also got to interview some of Thailand's most famous celebrities.


Introducing the JR Pass for Japanese and international TV


Japan TV Appearance:

Taking the Samurai Experience in Japan


Toei Transportation and Trip Advisor's "Tokyo Surprise"