BIOGRAPHY / プロフィール

Cathy Cat


Trilingual Cathy Cat is originally from Munich, Germany.

Cathy went to graduate with honors at the University of Chester in the UK. She further attained a Masters in Drama in Education in Chester and a Masters in Science Fiction studies at Liverpool University. 

Cathy Cat has acted in stage plays and musicals in Germany, the UK and Japan. She held creative writing workshops, Open Mic nights and launched a Japanese culture convention in the UK before moving to Japan.



CathyCat is currently the joint host of the TV program "Japan Railway Journal" on the channel NHK World which broadcasts internationally every Thursday.



She records as MC at Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc. radio station. Her podcast show with talent Ladybead is called "Cat with Beard from Japan", covering everything entertaining from Japan.



She is the host of the interview and travel YouTube channel "Ask Japanese" which has over 500,000 subscribers. She also maintains a personal channel "Cathy Catカティー" and is active as CathyCat_TV on Instagram, Twitch and Twitter.


TV Talent

She has appeared at talent on several TV programs such as "YOU ha nani shi ni nihon he", "ZIP", "Zoom in Saturday", "Mezamashi TV" and been a semi-regular on the TBS show "TOKYO EXTRA" and as well as a regular on "Japan in Motion" from TV Shin Hiroshima, and "Newsroom Tokyo" from NHK World.



Since 2017 Cathy Cat started working as cultural reporter for the international news program NHK WORLD. Her travel section called "Cat's Eye" appeared weekly inside of NHK's NEWSROOM TOKYO and she continued as semi-regular reporter, featuring interesting Japan content.


Other Appearances 

In 2023 she has already successfully worked with diverse media outlets such as the Discovery Channel Japan, ZDF Germany, Japanese TV channels such as NHK World, TSS, TBS and AMEBA, Japan Railways JR, Mitsubishi Electronics, Tokyo's Toei Transportation, Trip Advisor, Morinaga Sweets and a variety of other TV shows and international brands.



Cathy has worked as journalist for WOWU media, writing articles about different tours held across Japan.



Cathy has been ambassador of the Toei Subway travel program "Tokyo Surprise" in collaboration with Tripadvisor.

She worked as fashion brand ambassador for the alternative fashion brand "Drug Honey"

Furthermore she is the face of "Harmonie Princess" a Lolita Fashion dress-up experience provided by Metamorphose Temps de Fille.



She has been invited to perform, hold panels about the Japanese entertainment industry and fashion as well as model at conventions in: the USA, Taiwan, Germany and Thailand and is very happy to travel to your country too. If travel expenses and accommodation are provided, Cathy would love to visit your event.


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