日本の街角で行うインタビュー動画を多数公開し、日本だけでなく海外にも多数のファンがいるYouTubeチャンネル『Ask Japanese』。このAsk Japaneseがプロデュースする、人気レポーターカティー キャットのミニフォトブックが誕生!原宿ファッショニスタのカティーと日本の景色が印象的なポートレートが36ページに53枚も収録されています!カティーのInstagramでも評判の写真が一冊に濃縮したこのフォトブックは、今ご購入いただいた方にしかお届けしない期間限定受注生産品です。この機会に、ぜひお求めください!



The YouTube channel "Ask Japanese" that has released numerous interview videos to be done in Japanese street corners and has many fans abroad as well as Japan. This popular reporter Cathy Cat mini photo book produced by Ask Japanese is born! Harajuku Fashionista, 53 portraits with impressive views of Katty and Japan are recorded on 36 pages! This photo book, which was also enriched with a picture of reputation also in Instagram of Katty, is a time-limited order-made product that we will only deliver to those who purchased it now. On this occasion, please purchase by all means!

The order acceptance period is until March 31st (Sun)!


※This item is the production by order.

We will make it after confirming the payment, therefore it may take time for the delivery. Please note.

If you live out of Japan, please purchase from here.